Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

My project was on Irena Sendler and I was with five other girls. We researched, wrote a script, and performed a presentation. We had judges notes at the end and I mostly agree with what they had to say. Some of the things they said was to slow down, add more about Irena being discovered, and nice hair. I agree with all of that. For example since we were nervous and had adrenaline we probably talked a little fast. Another thing was there was a little hole in the timeline of Irena's life at the end and her being discovered was one of the things we missed out. Also Clare's hair was pretty awesome. The most interesting part of the topic that I learned was about how many people were willing to help her. Yes, Irena was an extraordinary person but to see so many of her friends help when they didn't need to is extremely interesting. I think the hardest part of the project was compromising everything. We really had to work together to get an outcome we all liked. I also think this made me a better student because we learned life lessons about how to get things done in a big group. I think we could improve our projects by adding some extra information about how Nazi's found out about her. Like I said before there is a little gap at the ending the information isn't 100% clear. Something that I am the most proud of was actually making and performing a play. I can't believe that I helped write, memorize, and perform a play. Especially since I have barely any acting experience.

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